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What We Can Do to Protect the USPS!

How to help protect a cornerstone of our democracy

Hey there folks,

If you are reading this, you know that the United States Postal Service is under attack. The USPS urgently needs funding to do its part in having an election, conducting a census, and even just maintaining our economy and communities. Common Cause is not sitting on the sidelines, and you don’t have to either. This website is to empower you to make a difference from sharing social media resources to helping you write a letter to your editor.

As always, we are most effective working together. Our volunteers have been working hard talking to folks and asking them to take action, resulting in 3,181 calls to Senators demanding funding for the USPS. If you are ready to be a part of Common Cause’s phonebanks for the United States Postal Service, please join our action team here. Introduce yourself, find phonebanks and more.

We also have a place to highlight your stories because- at the end of the day- these lived experiences are why the fight for the Post Office matters so much. This story was shared by a postal worker who understands:

“...We also give extra care in getting the ballots out on time whether they have enough postage or not because we realize that some people don't know that the ballots cost a little more than regular mail. We have even bought stamps to help the customer out. The POTUS and the Postmaster don't understand that we are a service, NOT a business. We take Pride in serving the communities and we feel we make a difference in the customer's world! Sometimes we are delivering a card to an elderly person while their family is quarantined. Sometimes we deliver that long awaited medication that is keeping someone going, and sometimes we're delivering that long-awaited check.”

Our power comes from making our voices heard. You can reach out to me if you have any questions on how to help. Now let’s protect to the Post Office!

Take care out there,

Travis Williams


USPS Coordinator

Common Cause